Unique Art Impressions - Bringing art to life through sculptured canvas
Capture the moment
Capturing the essense of love on a very special day - a very unique gift for a very unique couple
These unique wedding gifts celebrate a single moment through a sculpted wedding picture, or a personalised authentic wooden mask (choice of animals - see Elephant Kissing Mask in this collection). 
Our highly popular personalised zodiac chart (can also be converted to a clock)  symbolises an eternal love between two people.
Capture your complete wedding day story!
Send us your photos and film (encourage your friends and family to do the same), and we will edit them with your choice of music to capture a total wedding day experience for you - your opportunity to see the day through everyone's eyes.
Wedding package
Painted portrait of Bride and Groom
Complete wedding day story experience (see above)
Wedding Memories, for more information on this very unique digital gift please email Konrad at enquiries@uniqueartimpressions.com
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